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Navigating foreclosure in Cook County

The Law Center works with you to devise the best foreclosure strategy for you and your family. In many cases, that strategy involves defending yourself in court. For example, your loan may be eligible for certain foreclosure defenses, such as:

  • Violation of federal Truth in Lending Act
  • Robo-signing
  • Securitization defects
  • Lender breach of good faith and fair dealing
  • Lender Breach of Contract
  • Failure to give proper disclosures
  • Economic duress
  • Defective debt assignment
  • Defective acceleration of debt

In some additional cases

The best foreclosure strategy involves vigorous negotiation with mortgage lenders for a loan modification, or pushing a short sale through to completion. Regardless of where you stand in the foreclosure process, The Law Center can answer any questions you may have about your options including:

  • Litigation and potential defenses
  • Mortgage restructuring / Loan modification
  • Short sales
  • Consent foreclosure
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Mediation


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